Galvanised vs Cold-Rolled

Why is Galvanized Steel better than Cold-Rolled Steel for TYE’s production?

Galvanised vs Cold-Rolled

The two images above depict galvanized steel sheet and cold-rolled steel sheet, and there are visible differences between them. The galvanized steel sheet has a shiny surface finish and contains spangles, which are crystallites on the surface of the sheet. On the other hand, the cold-rolled steel sheet has a less shiny surface finish with no spangles. The process that gives the galvanized steel sheet its shiny appearance is called galvanizing, which involves coating the steel sheet with zinc. This aesthetic feature is one of the reasons why galvanized steel is considered better than cold-rolled steel.

The Advantages of the Galvanizing Process

Galvanizing steel sheets is not only done to achieve a shiny surface finish, but it also offers a range of benefits. One of the most significant advantages of galvanizing steel is the remarkable increase in its corrosion resistance due to the additional zinc coating. This coating acts as a barrier that protects the steel from coming into contact with elements that could cause rusting. As a result, products made of galvanized steel have a longer lifespan and are more suitable for outdoor use. These characteristics make it a superior choice to cold-rolled steel for products manufactured by TYE. Given that many of the electrical items produced here are installed in outdoor applications, they need to be weatherproof. Apart from this key feature, galvanized steel offers a few other benefits as well:


Galvanized steel offers several additional benefits apart from its corrosion resistance, such as being resistant to cracking or rupturing. It also does not require any additional coatings or treatments, making it a low-maintenance material. The steel has a wide range of applications and is environmentally friendly. Additionally, it has good formability, punchability, and weldability. Another advantage is that it is typically cheaper than cold-rolled steel.

Products Manufactured by TYE using Galvanized Steel

  • Meter Banks
  • Enclosures
  • Cable Trays
  • Trunking


Manufacturing top-quality electrical products is one of our main priorities at TYE. We achieve this by using materials that provide customers with the best value for their money. Given the many advantages of galvanized steel, particularly its high corrosion resistance, it is the ideal choice for not only our company but also for our customers.