Circuit breakers used in electrical equipment

As one of the leading Electrical Manufacturers in the Caribbean regions, TYE Manufacturing is pleased to offer our customers one of the most

Circuit breakers used in electrical equipment

Learn about the Circuit Breakers used in our Electrical Equipment

Circuit Breakers are one of the most crucial components in any electrical distribution system and essentially protect the electrical circuit from damage caused by overload/overcurrent or short circuit conditions. As one of the leading Electrical Manufacturers in the Caribbean regions, TYE Manufacturing is pleased to offer our customers one of the most well-known and well-respected names in circuit breakers, Schneider Electric.

Backed by more than Fifteen (15) years of distributing Schneider Electric products locally and regionally, we can safely say that Schneider has products to cater to any application. Their circuit breakers allow greater flexibility and functionality for various applications whilst not compromising on quality. TYE Manufacturing currently use the Schneider Electric breaker ranges in many of our product offerings ranging from switchboards up to 6300A. These breakers are used in NS boards, switchboard and modular panelboards all of which are fully customizable based on the customer’s specifications.

Types of Schneider Circuit Breakers

TYE Manufacturing offers multiple types of Schneider Electric circuit breakers in the manufacturing of our Electrical Products, ranging from Molded Case Circuit breakers to Air circuit breakers. As typical with any company that has a plethora of various products, each breaker has unique features and capabilities which make them suitable for specific applications.

Their low-voltage circuit breakers are designed to meet the latest industry standards set by organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) among others and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Additionally, the Molded Case Circuit breakers are most widely used in many regions and are mainly used for general protection in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Schneider Electric’s product offerings for their MCCB range cater to applications from 16A up to 6300A depending on the application.

Their range of Air circuit breakers are high performance and used for applications ranging from industrial to commercial applications. These circuit breakers are mainly known for their fast operation and high breaking or interrupting capacities (KAIC ratings) which makes them suitable for the most demanding conditions.

TYE Manufacturing currently offers different types such as the Compact NSX Circuit breakers (16-630A), Compact NS (630-3200A), Easypact MVS (630-4000A), and Master NW/ MTZ (630-6300A). Additionally, these breakers are available for different applications and the customer’s requirement essentially determines which breaker range will be most well-suited to the customer’s needs.  Customer’s requirements usually affect features such as shunt trips, under-voltage releases, or even a motorized circuit breaker.

Features of Different Schneider Circuit Breakers

As previously mentioned, Schneider has a variety of different products to cater to different applications, customers have the flexibility of choosing the most suitable trip units based on their application. The added advantage of choosing Schneider is that there is a wide variety of trip units to choose from, ranging from normal fixed thermal-magnetic trip units available across the 1P and 2P ranges of the Compact NSX range as well as the adjustable thermal magnetic trip units which allow for an adjustment of 0.7-1 In, where In represents the trip unit rating. These adjustable trips are only applicable for 3P and 4P applications.

There is also the option to choose electronic trip units as these allow for greater adjustability whilst retaining the same functionality. These allow an adjustment ranging from 0.4-1 In where In is the trip rating.

The other ranges such as the Compact NS has adjustable trips which allow for options such as

All these Micrologic trip units have the adjustability of 0.4-1 In with 9 adjustments 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.95, 0.98 and 1.

Another range, the Masterpact NW and MTZ (new generation ACB) offer the same levels of protection as the Compact NS range but there is the option to select Ammeter (A), Energy (E), Power (P) or Harmonic (H) in the NW range whilst in the MTZ range each breaker trip is just designated by an X, for example, Micrologic 2.0X. In the Compact NS range A, E and P trip units are available. The Masterpact NW and MTZ ranges also have the flexibility of being used for various interlocking schemes where more than one breaker can be mechanically interlocked.

The Easypact MVS is another one of Schneider’s circuit breaker ranges and provides a more cost-effective solution in the Air Circuit breakers category with the same level of functionality as the other Schneider ranges.

In conclusion, Schneider Electric is a trusted and reputable name in the industry and its low-voltage breaker ranges shows the company’s commitment to providing quality and cost-effective solutions. The added benefit of being widely available, as well as all the additional accessories, drastically increases the possibilities of finding a solution from Schneider. TYE Manufacturing has the ability to supply any of these Schneider products locally as well as regionally.