What are UL67 and panel boards?

What are UL67 and panel boards?

What are UL67 and panel boards?

What are Panel Boards and the UL67 Standard?


A panelboard is an electrical distribution system: an enclosure comprising of electrical components, which divides electrical power and distributes into branch circuits, while providing protection from overloads and short circuits.

UL67 Standard


UL 67 is a safety standard for electrical panels, also known as panelboards. The standard is published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety science organization that tests and certifies products to ensure they meet certain safety requirements.


The UL 67 standard applies to panelboards and distribution boards that are intended to be used in non-residential buildings, including commercial and industrial buildings. The standard covers both the design and construction of the panelboard, as well as the components that are used in it, such as circuit breakers and busbars.


Some of the Important aspects of the UL 67 standard include the following:


  • The panelboard must be designed and constructed in a way that minimizes the risk of fire or electric shock. This includes requirements for the use of flame-retardant materials and the proper grounding of the panelboard.
  • The panelboard must be able to withstand certain environmental conditions, such as exposure to moisture and vibration.
  • The panelboard must be designed to accommodate the specific types of circuit breakers and other components that are intended to be used in it.
  • The panelboard must be tested to ensure that it meets certain performance criteria, such as its ability to withstand short-circuit conditions and its ability to protect against overcurrent.


It's important to note that UL 67 is only the standard for the Panelboards and the design, construction and the components within it. UL 489 listed molded case circuit breaker is required to be used in UL 67 panelboards. UL Listing of the Panelboards is voluntary, but in North America, it is often a requirement for the equipment to be installed in the commercial and industrial building as a part of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and other local codes and standards. Our Panelboards are designed based on UL67guidlines and components carry a certification mark of testing and approval.