A Look Inside a TYE Commercial Project

TYE Manufacturing is a leading electrical manufacturing company in the region, providing both standard and fully customizable electrical pro

A Look Inside a TYE Commercial Project


TYE Manufacturing is a leading electrical manufacturing company in the region, providing both standard and fully customizable electrical products for a wide range of projects. With over 30 years of experience, we offer tailored solutions to our customers while ensuring quality careful consideration to design requirements provided from electrical consultants/engineers.

Recently, we undertook a project, to supply a complete line-up of modular type panels, Ring Master Range medium voltage switch gear, and a bus duct system for one of the larger public healthcare institutions. This project included an entire overhaul of the hospital's main electrical infrastructure, including the main distribution system.

We worked closely with one of the most prominent electrical contractors in Trinidad and Tobago to successfully complete this project. Our experience and expertise allowed us to handle all aspects of the technical project, from design and manufacturing to execution, with the most stringent measures in place to ensure quality assurance.

Scope of Work

Our scope of works on this project was mainly to provide all electrical panels whilst the contractor’s responsibility was completing the installation of all these equipment. This project included the construction of a New Low Voltage (LV) Room as well as additional works to the Existing Low Voltage (LV) Room.

The panels provided included the Main Board (4000A 480/277), the Main Building Main Distribution Panels rated at 4000A 480/277V), the Generator Splitter board (5000A 480/277V), as well as the ATS integration of both ATS (ATS#1 and ATS#2) units provided by the customer. All these panels were for the New LV Room, whilst for the Existing LV Room the Main Low voltage boards 1 & 2 (4500A 220/127V) were supplied along with four (4) -1600A Isolators. TYE also supplied customized Nema 3R Transition boxes for change in cable type from the generators to the Panels.


The entire Sandwich bus duct distribution system for the New LV Room was also supplied by TYE and this consisted of a 4000A bus duct run from the two transformers to the Main Board, from the Main Board and the Generator splitter to Main Board Distribution panels A and B. This busduct system was also connected to both ATSs. From the generator side, a 2500A Sandwich bus duct system was also supplied to the generator splitter board.

In conclusion, TYE Manufacturing is a trusted name in the electrical manufacturing industry, and we continue to provide innovative solutions to our customers with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our ability to deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations. Our scope of work in this project highlights our ability to provide tailored solutions to our customers based on their design requirements. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence make us the go-to choice for all your electrical manufacturing needs.