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Quality Customizable Electrical Solutions

TYE specializes in delivering both standard and fully customizable electrical products for a wide range of projects – commercial, residential and industrial alike.

Our fully integrated manufacturing process allows us to produce the exact specifications to meet technical requirements and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Experience with a History of Excellence

TYE which has been in operation for over thirty (30) years, has supplied several of major projects across the Caribbean such as:

  • Trinidad & Tobago Parliament

    Supply of Approximately One Hundred Low Voltage Switch Boards ranging from 3000A – 125A.

  • University of Trinidad & Tobago – New Campus

    Supply of Approximately Two Hundred and Fifty Low Voltage Switch Boards ranging from 6000A – 125A.

  • Arima Hospital – Main Electrical Infrastructure

    Supply of Approximately One Hundred Low Voltage Switch Boards ranging from 3000A – 125A

  • Anguilla Fire & Rescue Headquarters

    Supply of LV Transformers, panelboards/switchboards up to 1500A.

  • Scarborough General Hospital - Tobago

    Supply and Installation of Electrical Infrastructure.

  • Albena Lake Senior Comprehensive School – Anguilla

    LV boards up to 1200A

Technology Driven, Client Led - The Power of the Factory

TYE recently embarked on a full digital transformation strategy which allows for Robotic process automation, machine learning and Data analytics. This creates new value-added services in flexible manufacturing and remote monitoring. This initiative, aptly called “Power of the Factory”, allows clients to:

  • Fully customize and engineer products such as switchboards, panelboards and metering centers.

  • Work order modifications sent directly to the factory floor – no middle man required.

  • 24/7 Access to our digital platform to monitor project progress, regardless of geographical location.

  • Easily identify and order related materials for a comprehensive streamlined process.

Distribution and Export Experts

TYE also procures and distributes electrical supplies from extra- regional producers and has demonstrated experience serving and supplying the following Regional markets:

  • Antigua and Barbuda

  • Dominica

  • Guyana

  • St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Belize

  • Dominican Republic

  • Jamaica

  • Saint Lucia

  • British Virgin Islands

  • Grenada

  • Netherland Antilles

  • St Vincent & The Grenadines

TYE is accredited by or associated with the following agencies:

  • BEL Products Inc. (Enclosures)

  • Siemens Energy & Automation (Breakers)

  • Sun Smart (DC solar pumps)

  • SunPro Solar (solar panels)

  • Group Schneider (Breakers),(Switch Gear), (Power Meters)

  • TTMA (T&T Manufacturing Association)

  • Himel ( Circuit Breakers)

  • RR Global (Bus Duct, Solid copper, cables)

  • ALP – Lighting.

  • Jademar Corporation

  • Amada

  • TTBS -Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards

  • GEI - Government Electrical Inspectorate

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